Allow Your Yard to Bloom

Turn to your local greenhouse specialists at Baldwin Greenhouse & Nursery

When the weather warms up and the trees start to bloom, many people love planting flowers to add a pop of color and texture to their landscapes. Baldwin Greenhouse & Nursery offers a full line of your favorite annual flowers. From petunias and gerbera daisies to unusual and tropical plants, such as mandevilla and jasmine, our expert staff can help you find the perfect vegetation for your yard.

Don't settle for a lackluster yard. Call 701-255-0736 to ask about our current selection of annual plants today.

While annuals are known for being finicky plants that require a lot of maintenance only to die at the end of each season, they're actually a lot easier to maintain than you might think. Some of the biggest benefits of annual plants are they're:

  1. Vivid in color - because they bloom from new seeds each year, annuals are usually more vibrant
  2. Good fillers - smaller flowers make for great fillers in gardens and landscape designs
  3. Summertime plants - Annuals bloom later in the year, giving you bursts of color all summer
  4. Versatile - Able to thrive in most locations, annuals are perfect anywhere in your landscape
  5. Temporary - Because they only bloom once, you'll never get tired of the same plant in your yard
  6. Easy to manage - These one-time-only plants require little to no upkeep throughout the season

Visit our greenhouse in Baldwin, ND and pick from our large selection of annual plants and flowers.