Spice Up Your Life

Want a perfect garden? We'll get you started!

Planting and growing a garden are not always easy or successful feats. At Baldwin Greenhouse & Nursery, we understand your need for organic, home-grown produce. Our expert staff specializes in potting fresh herbs and vegetables that can easily be transported and planted into your home garden.

Growing your own garden has never been so easy. Call 701-255-0736 to speak with one of our experts about our potted herb and vegetable selection.

You probably know that eating fresh vegetables and herbs offers a lot of health benefits, but did you know that growing your own produce provides lifestyle benefits, too? Growing your own garden allows you to:

  • Have fresh produce whenever you need
  • Cut down on your grocery bill
  • Add color and texture to your yard
  • Control how your food is grown
  • Enjoy a family-friendly activity

Stop spending extra money on organic produce at the store and start growing your own vegetables and herbs. Stop by and pick up your favorite produce seedlings today.