Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Complete your landscape design with year-round plants

Perennial flowers, ground-covering bushes, vines and grasses are widely popular vegetation choices for home and business owners. Because they naturally regrow each year, perennials add beauty to landscapes and make flower beds easy to maintain.

Baldwin Greenhouse & Nursery grows and sells a wide variety of perennial vegetation to help you create a luscious, colorful and sustainable landscape. With a full selection of North Dakota-native perennials, our expert staff can help you mix and pair the perfect blend of perennials that are sure to withstand harsh winters.

Visit our greenhouse in Baldwin, ND to browse our large variety of perennial plants and flowers.

At Baldwin Greenhouse & Nursery, you have one of the largest selections of perennials to choose from, including:

  • Karl Foerster reed grass
  • Bleeding heart
  • Palace Purple coral bell
  • Patriot Hosta
  • Big Sky coneflower
  • Russian sage
  • Fern leaf peony
  • Ruby Stella daylily
  • Yellow yarrow
  • Purple Salvia
  • Tiger Eye sumac
  • Purple Gayfeather
  • Grand Parade Bee Balm
  • Mammoth Red Daisy Mum

Whether you're designing a new flower bed or looking to reduce erosion in your yard, turn to our expert staff to find the right mixture of plants for your landscaping goals.